Does Your Business Need Some Curb Appeal?

Does Your Business Need Some Curb Appeal?

Find commercial landscaping in Battle Creek, MI

You work hard to maintain your business’s professional image. Don’t let an unkempt yard undermine your efforts. Right Choice Lawn and Landscape offers commercial landscape design and maintenance solutions to the Battle Creek business community.

If you’re searching for landscaping services for your commercial property, call Right Choice Lawn and Landscape now.

Right Choice Lawn and Landscape will take care of your commercial property by:

  • Picking up trash
  • Mowing your grass
  • Trimming bushes
  • Blowing off pathways & parking lots
  • Edging sidewalks
  • Fertilizing
  • Spraying weed control
  • Seal coating your parking lot
  • Re-striping parking spaces
  • Smoothing parking lot pot holes

The professionals’ lawn care professionals

Commercial landscaping differs from residential landscaping in several ways. Here are just a few differences we consider when serving you:

  • Equipment: A push-mower may be enough for a single-family home, but a commercial property calls for heavy-duty machinery.
  • Curb Appeal: Homeowners often enjoy a cozy landscape design, whereas most businesses prefer a professional look.
  • Safety: For an individual, landscape security is a privacy hedge. For a business, safety means an unobscured view.
When it comes to choosing a commercial landscape provider, there’s only one Right Choice. Call us today to discuss your landscaping needs.